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The Lawn Way Down

Who are you?

Tony Dwight & Daz Whitehead are both long-standing members of the NWLMRA, and will undertake a trip from John O’Groats to Lands’ End to raise money for two charities – Help for Heroes & Cancer Research UK.

Why are you doing it?

To help out 2 great charities, and to have a bit of a laugh at the same time!

Cancer Research UK

Help for Heroes

Where did the idea come from?

June 2010 - A phone conversation between Tony & Daz

Daz: “I was thinking that I might go to Le Mans in 2011 to celebrate my 40th birthday”
Tony: “Can I come along…”
Daz: “Suppose so, if you really want…”

July 2010 - Another phone conversation between Tony & Daz

Tony: “Did you see that video of the southerners are Le Mans”
Daz: “Yeah, it looks awesome”
Tony: “I know, why don’t we do something like that?”
Daz: “Like what, driving lawn mowers on the road?”
Tony: “Yeah, except we should do it in this country”
Daz: “ok… where you thinking about going?”
Tony: “My house to the 12 hour field next year, then do the race, then drive home afterwards”
Daz: “What, all on the same mower?”
Tony: “Yep, do you want in?”
Daz: “Yeah, let’s do it”

August 2010 – Yet another phone conversation between Tony & Daz

Tony: “Been speaking to John Parden”
Daz: “Right, what’s he got to say?”
Tony: ”That we should do John O’Groats to Lands’ End instead”
Daz: “Seriously?”
Tony: “Yes”

And so it began…

When will the trip take place?

The trip will be week commencing 7th August 2011 and should take 5 days to complete. We will travel for 8 to 10 hours each day and hope to cover 200 miles.

Are you doing this alone?

We will be supported on the trip by John Parden, Mike Breakwell & Paul Lovett.

Which lawn mowers are you taking?

Two Wheel Horse group 4’s, which are being prepared by Mark Rostron, Dave Holloway & Lee Pearce.

Who else is helping out?

We have brought in some corporate sponsorship to help prepare the lawn mowers for the trip, and to help with the cost of the actual event itself.


Which way are you going?

Download a copy of the finalised route from here
The route will be modified slightly because we will be changing the locations of the overnight stops!

How can we help?

By making a donation to either of the two charities – Help for Heroes or Cancer Research UK. Contact Tony & Daz directly on 07802669736 or 07710770303 or donate online via Just Giving (search for Lawn Way Down)

Although, we aim to split monies raised 50/50, you can choose which charity you would like to donate to. Click on one of the following links to donate:

Donate to Cancer Research UK

Donate to Help for Heroes

Or, you can download and print off a sponsorship form. Fill the page with sponsors, collect the money and send it to us when we've completed the trip! If you do download a form, please let Tony or Daz know that you have one - that way we can keep track of who is doing what!

Text message donation now set up - text LWDC77 £1 to 70070 to donate £1 to Cancer Research UK, or text LWDH77 £1 to 70070 to donate £1 to Help for Heroes. To donate more increase the value after the "£" sign, or donate £1 lots of times!!

How much did you raise?

£3,318.92 - thank you to everyone who donated and believed in the trip!

How can we track where you are?

Click this link -

User name -

Password - nwlmra2011

Click 'Daz & Tony's Mowers' under 'Recently Viewed' at the bottom of the left hand menu

Then you will see where we are!

How do we get in touch?

Send an email to

Or call Tony on 07802669736 or Daz on 07710770303

Media Coverage

Mile-by-mile, how it happened!

  • Mile 0 - Let's go!
  • Mile 40 - Stopped to change clothes, and remove Tony's silencer.
  • Mile 63 - Lay shaft adjusted on Tony's mower.
  • Mile 94 - Repair Tony's exhaust.
  • Mile 94 - Time for dinner. Wave off Alastair & Joy.
  • Mile 147 - Scheduled stop for a pee.
  • Mile 160 - Stop for Tony to have another pee.
  • Mile 182 - Stop for a brew and cake with Horsebox.
  • Mile 192 - Pulled over to let 25 cars by, and one of them stopped 5 miles later to film us driving by!
  • Mile 222 - Finish day 1 at Blackwater campsite. Time to eat!
  • Mile 222 - Start of day 2. Time to get up. It's still chucking it down.
  • Mile 275 - Stopped for breakfast. I'm starving.
  • Mile 300 - Sun's out. Stopped for Tony to have a poo at McDonalds.
  • Mile 300 - Brake caliper rebuild for Tony.
  • Mile 327 - Torque convertor stuck on Daz's mower. Shuv's bike won't start.
  • Mile 340 - Drill vent holes in belt guard on Daz's mower, and got lost.
  • Mile 374 - Coffee and a wee. Tony has lost an exhaust fixing bolt, and has no brake lights (again).
  • Mile 374 - Fix end cap on Daz's silencer.
  • Mile 412 - Reattach Tony's exhaust.
  • Mile 433 - Arrived at Dandy Dinmont campsite to end Day 2.
  • Mile 433 - Fudge arrives to ride with us on next day.
  • Mile 433 - Oil changed, torque convertor driver swapped on Daz's mower.
  • Mile 433 - Exhaust fixed properly on Tony's mower.
  • Mile 433 - Fed and watered. Showered. Now in bed.
  • Mile 433 - Hoping for a dry Day 3. Bring it on!
  • Mile 470 - Stopped for breakfast. Nothing to fix!
  • Mile 495 - Speedo stopped working on Shuv's bike.
  • Mile 520 - Met up with The Real Stig and Justice in Carnforth.
  • Mile 570 - Lunch with Mrs Dwight and family, and Marko.
  • Mile 595 - Meet support truck at Lymm services. Nothing to fix!
  • Mile 623 - Arrived at The Lazy Trout to end Day 3.
  • Mile 623 - Joy & James drop in for tea. Dr Dave & Foxy also visit.
  • Mile 623 - New torque convertor driver and brakes adjusted for Tony.
  • Mile 623 - Split pin fitted to drive chain for Daz.
  • Mile 623 - New bike for Shuv. He likes it. A lot!!
  • Mile 623 - Start of Day 4. Long day today, about 240 miles.
  • Mile 645 - No brakes on Tony's mower.
  • Mile 687 - Breakfast at BML in Shrewsbury.
  • Mile 730 - Got overtaken by Marshy!
  • Mile 737 - Saw Lee, Sarah, Riley, Carole, Jim & Matt at Shukers.
  • Mile 742 - Lunch at Mike's.
  • Mile 742 - Check Daz's steering before leaving.
  • Mile 782 - Refueling stop. Nothing to fix. Good times!
  • Mile 819 - Last stop of the day before camp!
  • Mile 846 - Arrived at Stowford Manor to complete Day 4. Surprise visit from JJ & Dan Jones.
  • Mile 846 - Mowers are serviced and ready to go for the last push to Lands' End tomorrow.
  • Mile 846 - Definitely feeling it now and I'm pretty tired.
  • Mile 846 - Big thanks to Shuv, Mike & John for helping us this week! Superstars, all three of you!
  • Mile 846 - Time to sleep... zzz...
  • Mile 846 - Last day!
  • Mile 896 - Waiting for support truck to catch up. We're hungry!
  • Mile 896 - Tracker not working any more. We're about 3 miles north of Taunton.
  • Mile 900 - Puncture on truck. We've pushed on to Asda at Taunton for a full monty breakfast!
  • Mile 907 - Exhaust snapped on Tony's mower at manifold.
  • Mile 907 - Blackdown MOT centre to the rescue. Thanks boys!
  • Mile 927 - Stopped for a wee in Brampton.
  • Mile 941 - Meet up with support truck for a brew at South Molton! Working on tracker.
  • Mile 986 - Coffee and cake. Less than 90 miles to go
  • Mile 1035 - Daz ran out of fuel. Last stop before the end!
  • Mile 1071 - Finally made it to Lands' End, and did a donut on tarmac on a lawn mower!! Not sunk in yet but feels awesome!

The Lawn Way Down

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