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Event Requirements:

Race Events

The NWLMRA race at events across the Midlands and Northern England (ie, Shropshire to Lincolnshire to County Durham to Durham), with around 15 meetings held annually between April and October.

Event Requirements

The NWLMRA will bring a colourful, slightly noisy and professional attraction to your event. With great race action, atmosphere and obvious spills it is a great crowd pleaser, regardless of the weather.

Event Type

The NWLMRA has been an attraction at many different types of events; these include ’Steam Fairs’; ‘Vintage/Classic Car Shows’; ‘Agricultural Shows’; 'Festivals of Transport', and many others.

Space Requirements

An area of approximately 100m x 100m is required to accommodate a suitable race track and associated camping. If other attractions at the same event, care should be taken to locate the track such that the sound of racing does not interfere.

Ground Requirements

The ground should be reasonably flat with no large divots or trenches, however gradients and undulations are acceptable. The top layer of grass will become muddy or dusty dependant on prevailing weather conditions, however this is temporary and the grass always recovers.

Facility Requirements

Minimal facilities are required as the club and its members are self sufficient, however a clean water supply should be available.


The NWLMRA provides its own catch fencing to segregate the public from the race track, a full PA system is used for commentary of the races and in 2007 the association invested in a fully automatic race timing system from AMB-it.

Health, Safety & Environment

An extract from the NWLMRA handbook by which all members are bound.....’Safety is extremely important to the NWLMRA. It is imperative that no club member, invited guest or member of the general public is put in danger at any meeting which the NWLMRA attend... the NWLMRA will....enforce various rules regarding safe conduct of club members’. The NWLMRA has Risk Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments.


The NWLMRA has its own public liability insurance which is renewed annually.