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Instructions for race entry

  1. Click on the giant 'Click Here to Register Event Entry' button
  2. Check your personal details, and edit if necessary to provide all the requested details
  3. Enter your team name
  4. Select your racing lawn mower (which you should have entered details of when you completed your full membership details on the website)
  5. From the 'Group' list choose 'Standard' for 1 driver or 'Race Entry Fee' if you have 2 drivers or more. (If you have more than 2 drivers, you will need to pay an additional £10 on race day).
  6. Choose your drivers from the drop down list of full members
  7. Complete the transponder hire box
  8. Check the 'Terms and Conditions'
  9. Click 'Submit My Entry'


  • Don't worry about the length of the instructions, it should only take a couple of minutes to complete
  • Although the race entry system has been running over a year, and all the bugs are fixed. You may find a new problem. In that case get in touch as shown below, and we will help you out!
  • Transponder numbers are carried over automatically from your 'NWLMRA Profile'. Make sure yours is accurate.
  • Transponder Hire will be payable on collection.
  • Drivers can only be chosen once for each team, so please only choose drivers who you have agreed to race with!
  • If you can't see your drivers on the list, then they need to sort out their membership!
  • If you do need to register and sort your membership, see here
  • Please make sure you have noted the changes in the handbook for 2016
  • If you have any problems, please email or call Andy on 07866511347