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Lawnmower Racing? How does that work? Is it a race to cut the grass?

No we don’t cut the grass, we race around a track wherever people want us.

Do you leave the blades on?

No, the blades have to be removed for safety reasons.

I’ve got a ride on mower in the shed, can I come along and race it?

No, before any mower can be raced, it has to be homologated and scrutineered to ensure it is safe to race and with fair play in mind.

Why not?

Because we have to control the risk and protect the safety of all participants and those helping out and watching the event.

How do I make my mower faster?

When you convert your lawn mower into a racer, you would normally engineer some form of gearing system, which you can then alter between races to improve acceleration or top speed. It normally consists of altering pulley sizes.

Isn’t it a bit slow?

Yes it is compared to Formula 1. For an average sprint race we reach speeds of 30-35mph, during an endurance race we can reach speeds of up to 50mph. All of this takes place with your bum just inches off the floor.

Endurance Races! What do they entail?

At the end of each season, we compete in a 6 hour race. This is in a Le Mans style with multiple drivers. Endurance Racers are run as individual events.

What about the sprint races?

Most weekends are sprint race meetings. Yours results will count towards annual championships that tally your best 20 scores of your season. Most points wins!

How much do you get for winning?

10 points! We pride ourselves on being an affordable motor sport and to this end we compete because we love to race and so there is no prize money on offer and commercial sponsorship is actively discouraged.

So what do you win then?

We have various championships throughout the season for all groups of lawn mower. All competing for an elusive £2.50 plastic trophy.

So when and where do you race then?

Our typical season runs from April – October, we generally race at agricultural shows, summer fetes, etc. On the odd weekend when there is no show on, we will race in any decent sized field (with the owners permission of course!)

Are you a bit mad?

You don’t have to be mad, but it helps!!

What the age limits?

Minimum age is 15, but the Clerk of the Course will always judge you on your competences as an individual driver to ensure you are safe. His decision on whether you will be allowed to race is always final.

How would you best describe lawnmower racing?

It’s the grass-roots of motor sport!

I fancy racing, where do I start?

The best advice we can give is to come along to your local race meeting, bring a pen, paper and a camera, ask lots of questions and take it from there.

How much does it cost?

A decent race ready lawnmower will typically cost anything between £500-£1000. Full membership of the club is £40 a season, there are no extra costs to compete except for race entry of £10 per driver for the whole weekend.

How does the lap-scoring work?

We use MyLaps Power MX Transponders. Most racers buy their own, but the club carry a limited number to hire out on race weekends if you don’t own one.

Isn’t racing a bit dangerous?

Like any motor sport, it can be dangerous; we all race at our own risk. At least when we fall off we tend to land in the mud. All racing lawnmowers must have working brakes and an engine safety cut-out, while the drivers wear helmets and other protective clothing.

What if I want to just help out, rather than race?

That’s brilliant. We are always looking for willing volunteers to work behind the scenes, and to help keep up our professional image when we attend events.

Sounds great, what do I do next?

Introduce yourself on the forum, read the ‘Want to be a Racer' page, and join the club.

How do I join?

Join online. Fill in your details and make a payment. You will then get a handbook and membership card sent to you.

What if I only want a copy of the handbook to see if it really is suited to me?

Download it from the, err, downloads page.

I still have a question that is not answered here!

Use the 'Contact Us' page and a Committee Member will get in touch!